Friday, 30 May 2008

Out to pasture - Never

After a bit of a break......20 years, I returned this week to a sport I once took part in on a regular basis. I went horse riding!

My daughter started horse riding at christmas. She had often heard stories, usually from her Nan, of how I rode horses in my younger days. She had been badgering me for a while to join her but I had put her off with words like, 'Never again', 'too old', 'ask your dad' etc. Well this weekend my husband joined in too. And I have to say a little bit encouraged by this chance to show my husband of many years something he'd never seen me do before(!) and flash a little of my younger self, I went and bloomin booked it!!

The hour past in five minutes. It was wonderful, exhilarating and so much fun. I skipped away marvelling at my youthful athleticism, my natural poise, grace, agility and aptitude for anything sporty. I gazed in the mirror and yes, I definately looked more toned and flexy than Madonna. Pah! How could I have denied the equine world this talent for so long? I even contemplated buying Horse and Hound on the way home.

The next morning my husband was treated to another sight he'd never seen before, as I rolled out of bed onto the floor, crawled to run a very hot bath and then called for assistance to get into it. I kid you not, the act of swinging one leg out of the bed ahead of the other, was just too much.

And I have vowed 'NEVER AGAIN'..... will I leave it so long, to take part in something I have enjoyed so much. So look out equestrians, I'm coming to get you!

Leamington Lifeclub

Never again...

Not one, but both my daughters went to see 'chick' flick Sex In The City almost the second it came out.

'It's so cute...' said one of them. 'All about people in their forties, but they're all so cute'. I smiled and inwardly growled. I felt it was the film I should have gone to see first. After all, it's about people almost my age doing things that might happen to me. How come they got to see it first.

I vowed to change. Never again am I going to sit at home and peel potatoes. From now on, I'm going to go to first day showings too and shock them into seeing that 'older' people aren't just cute, but have lives too. Or not...

I mean, which is more worthwhile - seeing Sex In The City or living it?

See you soon,
Westminster Life Club

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Carry yourself with confidence

This weeks confidence workshop looks at some of the reasons why we might find it difficult to wave goodbye to our 'lack of confidence'. If we aren't confident enough to do something, then maybe someone else will step in and do it for us.

Strangely this week my confidence had the same effect.

Off I went to Halfords to pick up the Twins birthday bikes. I had it all covered. I had phoned ahead to reserve a bike carrier to get the bikes home, clocked off work an hour early, rang the boys to say I would be home soon and be ready to go out, I had cake in the car and directions to Draycote water - a reservoir which has a five mile cycle path around its circumference. The surprise was set - nothing could go wrong.

I was asked at the Halfords till if i would like one of their trained fitters to put the bike carrier together and attach it to the car. The cost for this service was £8.99. I figured this would be money well spent for safety and save a bit of time. Off I went to bring the car to the front of the store. On my return I was met by the store manager who said that they weren't able to 'book in' my request, (hello, didn't they ask me?), until the next day, as they had a shortage of trained fitters. Never mind I replied confidently, it can't be that hard, I'll do it myself, thanks.

Before I could say 'wheres the instruction manual?', I was surrounded by three lovely young men in blue boiler suits, bikes were brought out, carrier was assembled and all were placed securely on the car. And I wasn't charged a penny.

It seems my confidence had terrified them.

Does that make me a 'Confidence trickster?'

Leamington Lifeclub

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Procrastination - Its worse than you thought

Oh my goodness the merest mention of the 'P' word and I find myself at a complete loss; motivation, oomph, zing, mojo, get up and go, all got up and gone. What is it about Procrastination that, well, leaves you all procrastinating? How strange is that?

So at a loss for my own words I went in search of others. And a quick 'Google' turned up this:

"If once a man indulges himself in murder, very soon he comes to think little of robbing; and from robbing he next comes to drinking and sabbath-breaking, and from that to incivility and procrastination"

Now I knew Procrastination was never a good thing but I had no idea just how dreadful, until I read these lines from, Thomas DeQuincey,(August 15, 1785 – December 8, 1859). He was an English author and intellectual, best known for his book 'Confessions of an English Opium-Eater'.

And despite his Heroin addiction he went on to write over 200 articles following his success with 'Opium-Eater'. He certainly didn't let the grass grow under his feet. And neither should we...........who knows what might happen!

Get yourself to Lifeclubs this week, don't delay, tackle Procrastination now. You know it makes sense!

Leamington Lifeclub

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Not America's Next Top Model again

Just how many times have my daughters watched that programme in order not to have to get on with anything and how many times has my husband (sweetly) tidied up the kitchen rather than get on with his 'homework'. And, yes, I've been known to check my e-mails more times than necessary in order not to have to get on with the 'big stuff'. Hell, even writing this is putting off something else I've got to do.

So, yes, this week's workshop, is all about procrastination and yes, it's all about you too. Come along and learn what your procrastination is all about and how to knock it on the head and lead a go for it type of life.

See you there. If you dare to turn on the TV instead you'll have missed it.

Westminster Life Club

Sunday, 4 May 2008

And Be Merry

I have taken the key points from this weeks 'Energise your Body' workshop and I am giving them my best shot.

This week a friend of mine, just finishing her beautician course, asked me if I wouldn't mind coming into the college and having a few complimentary treatments to help her complete her case studies. Off I went anticipating a wonderful facial and looking forward to shaped brows, uplifted jaw line and a youthful glow.

But I hadn't listened!

'Just undress down to your underwear she says'. Holy Bridget Jones....didn't see that coming!

An hour later I glowed with the news that I probably wouldn't see much effect from the thigh treatment... I didn't have enough fat! Wow now I'm listening. And I will be booking a full back massage after hearing that the bone I thought she was mainpulating in my shoulder was in fact tense muscle.

Listen up! Colleges offer a huge array of treatments at much much reduced prices. All work is closely supervised. Treat yourself to a pamper day, hair, cut and colour, massage, nails, pedicure, non surgical facelift even. Now theres no excuse not to LOVE your bod.

I have downloaded a few (ok, yes you are correct, when I say I, I actually mean one of the're so picky)fast paced tracks to step out to. So everyday this week I have been setting off at a fast beat for half an hour. The Jack Russell is looking very trim.

NB Take it from me, middle aged woman screaching, 'I am a fire starter, twisted fire starter', as she beats it out past the neighbours house is not a good look. Mental note to self, only 'sing a long a open farm land'.

So far so good, my body has been a temple. However today It seems the fried breakfast gods have been conspiring against me. Wake up to find the 4-strong, teenage girly sleepover, have woken early and are starting an Egg and Bacon marathon in the kitchen. Distract self by walking dog along canal. Husband accompanies me and steers towards the 'Long Itchington diner' for a little sustenance; Sausage, Egg, Bacon, Black pudding, beans and a fried slice. I resist and have a cup of tea. Returned home to find phase two beginning in the kitchen............Brunch. Who knows if I will last the day without being assaulted by a bacon baguette or a cheese and onion toasty but I'm certainly trying and hiding from 'The brunch' has given me the opportunity to sit and write my blog. In fact if you take a real deep breath you'll probably catch a whiff of bangers and beans.

Ok all things in moderation, lets not create a miserable, calorie counting or treat depriving life. I may be resisting the delicious temptations of the 'Heart attack Menu' on offer, in Casa Kelly this weekend, but its not all that it might seem. I'm doing a bit of 'off setting'. I've looked after my body all week, to leave some guilt free space, for the 'Long Itchington Bank Holiday Beer Festival'. And you know; I think I'll sleep well tonight.


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