Thursday, 28 June 2007

don't sell yourself short!

Ah it's good to be back.

So, Wednesday I filmed a corporate short for a major company. Looking back I can see how I presented or sold myself differently throughtout the day to different people. For instance, to the director I was professional, one take wonder girl (except when I dismally failed to pull a pint-a bit of a problem as I was playing a barmaid!), I presented myself like this because I wanted him to think I was talented, good to work with, and took direction well.

With the costume department I was much more friendly funny and cheeky because I wanted to keep the shoes I was wearing for the shoot, (they go beautifully with my new maxi-dress).

It was interesting thinking about all this as I made my way to my Lifeclub. How as an actor in auditions I am constantly selling myself. So for my audition today I consciously thought about who I was selling to, what I wanted from the meeting and how I wanted to present myself.

Now I can't vouch for the impression I made on the director on Wenesday, but I can tell you that I have a lovely new pair of shoes!!!!!!

Oh and I got a second audition.
Vanessa x

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Hey ... We're Back!

And look at the cool new digs. Very nice and definitely worth the wait.

I've been doing a little self-selling lately. Not so much selling, as a bit of promotion for a project I'm having fun with. Some might call it pimping, but this is a family site.

Here's the lesson I've learned ... be careful what you wish for, because all you have to do is ask and people will help if they can.

And you know what else? The success you'll achieve might make other people jealous and cause them to react negatively. Don't let that stop you from reaching for your own brass ring.

Maybe that's what they call "fear of success." I don't want to do well, because someone might question the authenticity of how I got what I asked for.


Figure out what brass ring you want, brainstorm a few different ways to reach for it, then try one and enjoy the ride.

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Sunday, 24 June 2007

This Week: Selling Yourself!

So, this week the theme's how you put yourself across. Not just in interviews and marketing and so on, but in every interaction we have with other people every day. What this immediately brings to my mind is how shy I've realised I can be - I'm a past master of hiding myself away. I've not even noticed how good I am at it, which is probably why I've let myself get away with it for so long.

In putting yourself across, there's three areas to get clear about - who are you, who are you talking with, and what outcome do you want. I could generally do better at all of those, but for me the biggie is who the other person is. All too often, I imagine them to be in some way scary or angry with me, so I clam up. Or maybe I don't talk to them at all. So I'm really looking forward to what comes up for me in this week's exercise, which, suffice it to say, involves role playing situations.

Or perhaps I'm not.

Fortunately, that's usually a sign I'm about to learn something.

Have fun with it!

Mark Lister

Friday, 1 June 2007

Focus Dude.

My title this week comes from one of our favourite family films, Finding Nemo. 'Focus Dude' is what Crush, the very laid back sea turtle, says to Marlin, the pretty high-strung clownfish who is regaining consciousness after being stung by some jellyfish. It's also a phrase we often use around our house when someone isn't paying particular attention to what they are supposed to be doing. This happens quite a bit with my eight-year old son, who although smart and philisophical beyond his years, can often forget that I sent him into the bathroom to brush his teeth only having gone straight from the living room, through the kitchen, to the bathroom in a matter of seconds. 'Oh, yeah, I forgot!' he says, as if it was something I might have mentioned days ago. He's off in his mind focusing on something else that is far more important in his world.

It happens to us too. We're going along doing one thing when out of the blue comes something else and we lose our original focus. There are always options of things we can focus on in our day or our life. We need to make a choice because in choosing we focus our energy. This in turn creates the grounding, satisfaction and control to take us forward.

Creatively, one way to focus is to get a visual image of what you want from your goal, the thing you are focusing on. Imagine yourself on top of that mountain you dream of climbing. Create a collage with an image of the mountain and put a photo of you on top! Keep this image in a prominent place that will keep you focused on taking the steps you need to achieve that goal. Whether the goal is a five year or a life goal, making an image of you succeeding will boost your energy and drive to go for it.