Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Pictures speak louder than words

I took this photo on the beach outside a row of beach huts. I suppose children might have been painting the stones that day - anyway, I thought they looked fun and they reminded me of this week's workshop which is all about using images to solve problems.

I was inspired to write the workshop by a friend of mine. I was extremely gloomy one day and she asked me what the landscape I was mentally in looked like. I described to her that it seemed as if I was in a wide, wide river and unable to swim to the other side. When she asked what would help me I said 'A branch - I could hold onto that branch and not feel as if I was about to drown'. The moment she said 'Who is that branch?' I instantly knew who I had to ask to help me and I hadn't even thought about that person before.

The moment you think visually you free your mind up to the most exciting lightbulbs. Or maybe even to painting a few stones on the beach.

See you next week at Life Clubs with paintbrush.
Founder Life Clubs

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Rules of Happiness

It's a wonderful idea that happiness can be created by rules. That if you just follow a few simple steps, something so seemingly elusive can be yours.

If I was writing those rules, certainly a swimming pool would tick my first rule box. Swimming frees me from my body, it makes me feel playful, it focuses me on being in the present, it stretches me, I feel alive.

I've loved quite a few pools in my time. Kidney-shaped ones in Los Angeles, one filling-up an entire suburban garden in West London and one on top of a roof in New York. But many, many years ago I went to Mexico with Annie Lionnet (who hosts the Bath Life Club) and I think we stumbled there upon one of the happiest-making pools ever. It was large and very clear and blue, overlooking a stunning bright green sea and, right in the middle, was a cocktail bar with a parasol on the top. Pure decadence.

Come along to Life Clubs this week and discover those rules of happiness.
See you there - swimming costumes only allowed.
Founder Life Clubs

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Being You

I love Russian dolls at the best of times, but this week's workshop is all about values and to me that little Russian doll says so much about values. She seems to be peeping out of her many-layered protection going 'My values are what keep me safe'. And yet her values on each level may be contradictory and each doll may represent a different collection of values.

We are multi-dimensional, thank goodness, just like this doll and studying our values is one of the most fascinating and fun and basic introductions to self-development.

I strongly urge you all to have a go.

See you at this week's Life Club,
Founder Life Clubs who values... integrity, freedom, happiness, running along the beach (not doing enough of that these days!) to name but a few.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Get to the point

Next week's workshop isn't about ransom notes, it's about creating an arresting headline for your future. What it does, as well as bringing out creative qualities you never knew you had, is really sharpen your mind as to what it is you want and why.

I decided I wanted to write a headline about losing weight. I imagined it as a 'Stunning-looking Nina turns heads' type of headline, but as I started going down the headline route, I realised that the reason I really wanted to lose weight was because my assumption is that successful businesses are run by thin women. This massive 'lightbulb moment' brought about a 'Streamlined Nina steers Life Clubs to success'.

Now, that's more like it.
See you at Life Clubs with all your headlines,
Founder Life Clubs

Saturday, 4 April 2009

I can breathe again

I promised you ages ago that I'd show you a photo of the lovely Canadians (Pat - holding Life Clubs sign, then clockwise, Eva-Marie, Jeannette, Michelle, Colleen and Greg) that Carol (Glasgow Host) and I trained in March and the photo has been sitting on my screen for about a month waiting for me to do just that.

This week at Life Clubs we're decluttering - and that's clearing everything from our minds to our stomachs and our computers and I thought I'd start with my computer and put everything where I want it to go.

There's something so satisfying about putting things in the places you want them. It's almost like playing with those posting boxes we had as children. You put the triangle in the triangle hole, the circle in the circle hole and the square in the square hole and they fit and they're gone and nicely tucked away and you can breathe again. It's so nice and calm.

If only real life was that easy. I've put this one photo here and have 'only' another 21 items left to sort. But at least I've got started... hooray.

See you this week,
Founder Life Clubs