Saturday, 28 February 2009

A fresh perspective

This week Anna has arrived at our headquarters. We've already got quite a team, but Anna is here as Head of Sales and Marketing.

As she sat analysing our way of working and coming up with strategies to streamline us I felt almost jealous. I wished I could arrive at Life Clubs with the hat of a stranger on and move it on to the next level. As it is I feel so steeped in the product, I can't see anything objectively. I'd like a little more of her perspective and less of my feelings of maternal pride.

I can't wait until Anna starts really moving things along. She's promised that when she does I can sit and be creative 24 hours a day. I've even been promised my own zone - well away from all the craziness that's in the main room.

I think I've inherited a love of delegating from my father who practically invented multi-tasking. He used to enjoy sleeping best on planes because he said he was then doing two things at the same time - getting some rest and going somewhere. I love having a team because I'm then doing lots of things at the same time - and being allowed to do what I like best - be creative.

More about next week's club in a few days.
Founder Life Clubs

Monday, 23 February 2009

What's in your box of gifts?

I love this picture of a box. It reminds me of Pandora's box and how, once opened, you can never go back to how you were before.

That's what this week's workshop is about - finding the talents you have buried deep in a box. So many of us were told at a young age that we just weren't creative and it's haunted us for the rest of our life. It's liberating feeling that you're creative and we all are. Imagine how you would decorate that box if it was yours - or would you leave it grungy and mysterious - a nod to previous owners and what they may have kept in it.

Notice what's in your box this week. When can you be like Pandora and open it?

See you this week to discover your talents,
Founder Life Clubs

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Just how successful are you?

I've always wanted to go into space. I can't imagine anything that would make me feel as successful - as if I'd achieved everything I wanted to. I'd float out there, staring at the world and feel so free and, literally, 'spaced out'. And yet, how silly is that, because it's probably the one thing I'll never do and so I'm setting myself up endlessly for feeling a failure. And that doesn't feel good. I'd like to feel a success.

Once you know how, it's quite easy to feel successful. All you have to do is to finish things - to achieve them. The reason you can feel a failure about your e-mails or writing your blog or being a good mum is because it never ends. You will always have e-mails in your inbox, you will always have more posts you want to write and you will always have children to be there for. How can you possibly have any sense of success in those areas?

Rather than thinking about what you can't do, as we so often do, today let's start thinking about what you are successful in.

I was totally successful at tidying away breakfast today. I've been really successful at being lovely to my children this morning and I'm going to be successful at posting today's blog.

Gosh, I feel good now.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy a map of the moon and start planning my journey. I can feel pretty successful at that as well.

See you in space.
Bon voyage,

Sunday, 8 February 2009

What's Important?

'Choices. I don't like choices' said my 10-year old. When I asked him how he made his decisions, he replied 'Do what you don't want to do first then you can really enjoy what you do want to do instead of having to worry about things that you don't want to do while you're doing your exciting thing.'

What brilliant advice and if only he practised what he preached, we wouldn't have hours of nagging mum saying 'When are you going to do your homework' as he played endlessly with his Bionicles.

This week the wonderful foot of snow kept me away from my TV slot in Ireland (the airport was closed) and gave me a day in which to catch up on what was important (and that included spending time with Tommy). Tommy and I built a snowman, went for a stunning white walk and I took some photos of snowmen - and Tommy. There's such a great stillness and quiet in the air when it snows. It's totally magic.

But I wish I was straight as that arrow and as focused at all times. That list of 'to do's' is crying out to be prioritised at this week's Life Club.

So, bring all your choices along and let's see what's really important.

See you at Life Clubs,
Founder Life Clubs

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the wall....

One day the Fairy Queen was looking at her subjects.

"They are kind and wise" she thought.

As she thought this, she gave the Fairy King her last pomegranate.

"Maybe I am kind too" she mused.

As that thought crossed her mind, she understood that the way she saw others was a mirror of herself.

"I think I'm wise too" she acknowledged.


At Life Clubs this week, we're holding up mirrors and seeing how we can use our findings.

Meet the Fairy Queen and me,
Founder Life Clubs