Saturday, 6 October 2007

The Britney Challenge

This week Nina and I joined a very successful Leamington author and freelance journalist for lunch. She was a vibrant, witty and entertaining lunch date who once lunch was over, left me with a real challenge on my hands.

During lunch she told us how she had given up all forms of gossiping. She said the results of this had been nothing but positive and she felt all the better for it. I listened open mouthed and some what ashamed. I have certainly entertained and enjoyed my own fair share of gossip and bought magazines and newspapers to gloat over whose lost a million, put on weight, or been behaving badly.

As this weeks Lifeclub topic was 'Creating Success' I began to wonder if the succesful me would be so hooked on 'heat' magazine, would she be retelling stories at the school gate of the hilarious antics of my next door neighbour, charging after his escaped dog, in his boxer shorts, at six this morning, would the succesful me be taking bets on which 'spicey' is next to have 'lipo'. What do you think? I guess not.

I am resisting the urge to think that my life will be duller and no where near so funny if I give up on gossip. If I haven't got anything nice to say I will say nothing (Yes folks me saying that is a challenge). Yes, I am going cold Turkey. I will gossip no more. I know tomorrow is Sunday and I usually fold the News of the World inside my copy of the Sunday Times, but no more. I will not be seduced by the promise of a free weekend at Butlins or a DVD of old Carry on films, the N.o.W must go too! I will rise to this challenge and I will succeed. Do me a favour though, help me out here, if you see me round Leamington in the next few weeks, please,please don’t ask me about Britney!



bob said...

Oh my. Let me know how that goes for you. x

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